OPPO rolled out the latest updates for Calculator, Clock, My Files App

OPPO rolled out the latest updates news

OPPO is a company that regularly tries to improve its apps and services to bring innovations across the mobile phone industry. This makes OPPO phones keep up to date and gives you a smooth functioning experience.

OPPO phones are runs on ColourOS operating system by default which was invented and owned by OPPO and at this time some amazing updates have been released by their tech giants on the stock android apps to make your daily life more fascinating and easier.

The updates are rollout for apps including a calculator, my files app and as well a clock app.

App Update and Features Information:

OPPO rolled out the latest updates

1. ColourOS My Files

My Files is an app which manages and shows all the files stored on the device also can manage your SD card, USB Drive (if your device is supported OTG cable) and cloud storage at the same time. It is a pre-installed app offered by OPPO

  • App Version: 13.6.2 (13006002)
  • Package Name: com.coloros.filemanager
  • App Download Size: 19.57 MB
  • Minimum Requirements: Android 9.0

2. ColourOS Clock

The clock is an essential app for daily life use, you can set an alarm as per your need, also you can able to check the world time, perform a stopwatch for calculating readings or performances and timers and many more. It is a very tiny app which consumes less space on the device offered by the company.

  • App Version: 13.3.14 (13003014)
  • Package Name: com.coloros.alarmclock
  • App Download Size: 23.66 MB
  • Minimum Requirements: Android 9.0

3. ColourOS Calculator

This calculator app made by OPPO also consumes very less space on the handset and gives you a fast result on the calculations and overall performance. The design of the app is simple and you will not have any difficulties using this app.

  • App Version: 13.2.6 (13002006)
  • Package Name: com.coloros.calculator
  • App Download Size: 9.22 MB
  • Minimum Requirements: Android 11


Speaking of the changelog, the latest update doesn’t bring any new changes other than bug fixes. However, the latest update improves the overall performance and stability of the app, which will give the best user experience as well as user interface along with the smooth running of the app.

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