CES 2023: This Motorola Phone Comes with two-way Satellite Messaging

CES 2023: This Motorola Phone Comes with two-way Satellite Messaging

The great news is coming out for you that now android phones also get the support of satellite communication very soon. According to an announcement of Consumer Electronics Show 2023, Motorola is going to bring this functionality to android phones within three months. So, are you excited about this?

In beginning to start, the British brand Bullitt Group which specialized and leading manufacturer of rugged phones has been partnered with Motorola and revealed a few more details about their concept of a two-way satellite messaging service they will introduce this feature to upcoming Motorola’s Defy series phones.

How is Going to Work?

CES 2023: This Motorola Phone Comes with two-way Satellite Messaging

To work out this amazing feature for android smartphones, the Bullitt Group has made custom connectivity hardware for mobile and this will helps to connect satellite-to-phone communications this hardware requires a custom app called Bullitt Satellite Messenger. Again, the idea is to cover zones where users lose cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, especially in emergencies in remote areas. The messaging part is enabled by Bullitt Satellite Messenger, which needs a subscription service that costs $5 a year.

This custom app supports both platforms Android and iOS, Yes you heard right that means your Motorola smartphone can send a message to your friends, family and colleagues even if they using an iPhone. Not only send a message both android and iPhone users can also respond to the message using mentioned app the only condition is that an app should be installed on both phones.

Bullitt Group says about their app:

“send messages to any smartphone, anywhere you have a clear view of the sky.ā€

Bullitt Group also said that the Motorola mobile phones are the first to contain this two-way satellite messaging technology.

Furthermore, the app is not going to connect directly to the satellite, first, it will try to find cellular airwaves or broadband signals and if they are not available at the moment then it will automatically shift your message to the satellite channel. Messages are delivered via the SMS protocol and all you need is a clear sky to make things work better.

The company previously said it was using chipset vendor MediaTek, but did not identify a satellite connection partner. He now says he will use SKYLO for satellite connections. SKYLO manages connectivity to devices via existing licensed GEO satellite constellations such as Inmarsat and others.

When it is going to launch?

The company claims the service will be commercially available in North America and Europe in the first quarter of 2023 and Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Latin America will launch sometime in the first half of 2023, with other regions to follow in the second half of the year.

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