How to Unlock Candy Cane in GTA Online | Christmas Surprises Unlocked

Finally, the biggest surprise for GTA lovers on Christmas is arrived and players are now available to enjoy fresh free rewards, gifts, discounted vehicles, and many more.

Rockstar Games is also known for delivering a lot of free new items, gifts, and weapons during a festive season so that players will keep engaging with the game and will enjoy the game much more.

For Christmas Eve this year, many gadgets are introduced including a brand new melee weapon called the Candy Cane and we are going to discuss, how the players can achieve it in the game.

How can I get ‘Candy Cane’ in GTA?

  1. First of all, you need to enter a session and then simply require to unlock their weapon wheel.
  2. After this go to the melee options and then scroll to the Candy Cane icon
  3. And now you will be ready to use the weapon.

Moreover, gamers can enjoy newly launched full armour, 25 grenades, 25 sticky bombs, full snacks, a beer hat, a firework launcher along with 20 firework rockets and at the end, 5 proximity mines, 10 molotoves and all of these exciting rewards are free to play and attainable after login in and entering the game.

Hence, GTA players are allowed for achieving the numerous Christmas-themed weapons.

This is the official tweet from the Rockstar Universe:

When it comes to performance, the Candy Cane isn’t all that different from other melee weapons in the game – the best comparison would be a baseball. Candy he because it takes Kane the same amount of time to destroy a vehicle or eliminate an NPC or player. Unfortunately, he currently has only one skin available for this weapon.

Interestingly, using a candy cane or hitting an object will trigger a jingle bell ringtone, making it a bit more unique than other weapons in the game.

GTA fans are hoping that this weapon can able to eat and it will increase their health but this is a missing feature of it and might be it will not happen in the future.

Many speculate that it will be a limited sale only for the holiday season. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

GTA Online players must take this opportunity to collect all discounted vehicles and weapons. More importantly, Rockstar also bought several events, including “The Gooch” and diehard-inspired features. In particular, the latter event unlocks a new pistol called the WM 29 Pistol.

Surprisingly, Both missions require the player to eliminate his NPCs quickly, so candy canes are helpful.

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