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Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is a drawing game. You do not have to be an expert photographer out there to make sense. You will find a sentence or other picture to draw. Do your best before the timer ends. At the end of the cycle we will explore the art of everyone.

It’s great to have the right party games library when you get together with a group of playmates, and it is a good choice. Up to 30 participants can compose stupid instructions and try to draw them. The website takes the old telephone game and brings it to the digital age.

Where did the telephone game come from and what is the released date?

So, the work of a Brazilian studio called Onrizon Social Games, which is a company that “repeats stories with exciting experiences”, whatever that means. They have released a lot of games over the years, and their first title, Gartic, appeared in 2008.

Possibly feeling the gap in the market, Onrizon launched in December 2020 and has been a huge achievement since then.

How to Play Gartic Phone?

The goal is the same as in the Arabic telephone. Gameplay is very simple as the first player raises a sentence, and the second player has to draw to try to make the next player guess the sentence. After that, the fourth player has to draw again to guess the sentence that the third player understood, and so on.

At the end of the competition, the performers compare the last guessed sentence with the first sentence, which should be very close. In fact, the more participants there are, the less likely the sentences are!

It is a free online web browser fun event that you don’t need to download. You just need to set up a username and language which you prefer to move. However, an avatar is optional to start a tournament for the first time.

If the user wants to act in the room then, the host just needs to set up a room by selecting how many members are going to exercise, with how many points and that’s it now you just need to share an invite link with the participants you want to join. When everyone is ready, there are 14 game modes ranked and everyone should try it once. Some game modes background certainly more enjoyable than others.

Start something between drawing a word/phrase or symbols and guessing what those pictures mean. The playing fields around the team, until we can compare what the original phrases were and what we ended up with.

Ideally, use a tablet with a pen or a computer with a mouse to make drawing easier. But you can also use a smartphone or laptop with a trackpad as well. Don’t worry if your photos are inaccurate, that’s half the enjoyment, and two £ 10 Love2Shop vouchers will be awarded as prizes for the funny misunderstanding.

What are the steps to start a live game?

  1. Visit the official site on the desktop or mobile
  2. Now, you will notice two tabs named “ANONYMOUS” and “AUTHENTICATED”
  3. The anonymous gameplay allows you to enter without any login and the authenticated gameplay authorized to only logged in users.
  4. To simply launch the telephone event, type your username and start a tournament.

Free mode is the default mode, while simple mode allows you to take your time, as the timer will not start until most of the members have finished drawing.

If you do not have enough participants to start the competition, you can rely on the official discord of the contest. This fun is available for download in the play store for android and you can also visit the apple store for iOS.

What are the Game Modes to Play Gartic Phone?

Gartic Phone Game Modes



There are 14 different and interesting modes to keep players engaged. So, which modes will you try out first?

1. Solo – Play Alone

Solo Mode



In Solo mode, you’re in charge of making your own animation. You’ll be given five frames to finish. Each turn will reveal a faint outline of your previous design, allowing you to trace over it and make little modifications to advance the animation.

The only contest in which you can act fully alone is the solo mode. You can, however, exercise with your buddies at the same time. A timer will start after the majority of your mates have completed their turns. Everyone will have the opportunity to exhibit their work when the five rounds are done. You can also choose whether the animation loops or only plays once, as well as the frame rate. When you don’t have a huge group of colleagues but still want to enjoy the fun, this option is ideal because cooperation is half the happiness.

2. Normal – Original Mode

Normal Mode



The original mode is what got people interested in the first place. It’s the ideal social contest for the whole family to join. Unlike the other event kinds, there are no twists or tricks. Without making the tournament overly long, you have enough time to finish each question and sketch your ideas.

For newcomers, the regular mode is the best place to start. They’ll quickly pick up on the tournament’s mechanics and observe why it’s so pleasure. Normal mode is a good old standby that you may use again and again.

3. Animation – Team Project

Animation Mode



Animation mode has swiftly risen to the top of the website’s gartic phone game modes. There isn’t a prompt for writing. You start working on the first frame of an animation. A tiny outline of your drawing will be handed to the next individual. They can trace over the image and make minor (or major) adjustments. The goal is to produce basic Gifs with a smooth transition.

4. Knock-Off – Fun Memory Test!

Knock-Off Mode



Instead of switching between drawing information and defining a drawing, you now doodle it in every move on the Knock-off. The problem is that once you start creating an image, you can’t go back and look at the previous version. To replicate it, you have to rely on your reminder.

Knock-off is a joy memory test. It is worth mentioning, however, that it can be monotonous. The drawings are less likely to change significantly, which reduces the excitement of seeing the final product.

5. Background – Animation With Some Structure

Background Animation Mode



The background is a re-imagining of the game-deprived Movie mode. It is an extended and highly structured version of animation mode. You follow someone else’s drawing as before, except for this time there will always be a background layer for each frame. This background layer is pre-designed to ensure that animation is consistent. Even without the full context of each of the previous drafts, you can now say what the main purpose was.

This gameplay has extended timers, so you do not need to hurry. It also has a double frame value that will be drawn, allowing more detailed animation to be created, especially for larger groups. The background is a highly interactive process, pushing it beyond the entertainment, but inconsistent, Cartoon Mode. By the end of the Background cycle, you will have an incredible and often funny joke that you can save and share. The background is very relaxation and bright It’s attractive: Flick from the latest Jackbox Party Pack.

6. Secret – Undoubtedly the Most Chaotic

Secret Mode



In terms of originality, Secret can compete with board games from Jackbox. You will never be able to recognize what you are doing during your shift. Your words will be filtered if you note down a message. The screen is blank when drawing. These constraints make it difficult to draw correctly and capture what your partners were trying to portray in the first place.

This is probably the most chaotic event type. Your inventions risk turning into incoherent chaos. However, the commotion is part of the happiness.

7. Custom – Make Your Rules

Custom Mode



If the default is not right for you, there is a custom setting option that you can try. Everything about the contest can be customized in this menu. You can set a timer to make sure no one should rush or have unlimited drawing time. You get to decide how many rounds everyone gets and if those opportunities are meant for just drawing or if the event will involve text or animation.

It can be joy to explore various options and create a gameplay that you and your playmates will love. This independence is very good, but the default currently accessible in modes is very good. You may not discover the need to return to Custom Mode if you find it popular with your team.

8. Crowd – Capacity Up To 30 Players

Crowd Mode



Crowds are a great way to start a competition where you have a large group of people who want to join the riot. Crowd mode is suitable for a capacity of 30 performers. This benefits people who may be broadcasting the contest to a much wider audience.

You will still draw instructions and explain artwork in crowd mode. However, you will not be able to participate in all sequences. The crowd ensures that everyone can enjoy the game without taking too long using a few turns and fast time limits. This is an amazing option if you have a large group of buddies.

9. Ice Breaker – Break the Tension

Icebreaker Mode



Ice Breaker is a simple mode that can be enjoyed by participants. First of all, you put down the information as usual, but this time you are advised to ask questions. For example, you might ask people what movie they like.

After the selection of questions, everyone will have the opportunity to draw the same instructions. The final stage is where the gameplay lights up. All drawings are displayed, and you may present and dispute what you choose to create. This version has a smaller game than others but is well-known.

10. Speedrun – Go Faster

Speedrun Mode



Speedrun takes the main game type, where you have to draw or repeat a previous command repeatedly, and then add a short time limit. This encourages faster drawing and that performers do not bother to do art work. It adds an extra dimension to information as you ask what your allies were trying to draw you.

This gameplay is great if you are looking for a quick game with your mates. However, the extra pressure of the immediate time limit may remove some of the simple heart-pleasing entertainment offered by the game. It is very easy in this mode that people expire soon, especially if they are distracted during the game.

11. Sandwich – Point The Differences

Sandwich Mode



Sandwich and Knock-off are the same. You are only allowed to check the previous image before you start drawing it. Sandwich includes the last written category as an event reservation. It is interesting to note how the initial information and the final rate change after a sequence of duplicate drawings.

Like Knock-off, gameplay suffers from repetition. However, you should also try with your team to watch how they can keep up with each other’s art.

12. Score – Go for the Money

Score Mode



Score game mode is a garticphone effort in such an operation.

Every time you note down or draw something related to previous information, you get a point. It is unclear how the game determines whether your offer is the same as its predecessor or not, which makes the point system feel inappropriate. While friendly competition may be entertainment, it does not require you as the normal game type is fun enough.

13. Complement – Be Encouraged

Complement Mode



Complement bears some resemblance to Ice Breaker, but adds a distinct twist. You are all requested to draw a few random lines onto a blank page in Complement. Because you just have a short amount of time to complete this task, you can’t draw anything elaborate. After that, everyone else will have an opportunity to add to these first few lines and see what they can come up with.

You will all be able to see everyone’s version of the final drawing once they have completed it. It’s amazing to discover how everyone interpreted the prompt, much as it is with Ice Breaker. This mode has the potential to provide genuine inspiration. The satisfaction of attempting to combine the early lines is gratifying, and the end results are stunning.

14. No Rush – Play Worry-Free

No Rush Mode



No Rush is great for those who enjoy sketching and want to create beautiful visuals at every stage. It’s the same as Normal mode, except the timer doesn’t start right away, allowing you to sketch as much as you like and include details you might have missed in earlier game modes. The graphics in No Rush mode might be incredible.

When playing with colleagues online, there are various distractions to be aware of. The tension of having to speed through your turn is alleviated by using No Rush. The game is not fully paused in this mode. To keep the game rolling, a timer will be established when half of the group has submitted their drawing or question.

Gratic Phone allows you to login?

Yes. You can use your Facebook account to login and also it supports other platforms like discord and twitch to authenticate a player.

Gartic Phone Highlights!

First of all, as you already know, this game probably has no boundaries and its rules of the game are basic, you just have to compose the sentence you are thinking in the writing blocks and try to interpret by drawing what you understand about it. the situation that has affected you, the limitations in which you do set yourself, for this reason almost anything you can think of can be put into the game.

No need to put down a specific article on it and there is no law to tell you how to do it, the game is designed so that you yourself can create your own scenes the way you like, so the best thing would be to capture your ideas and thoughts. in a sentence.

The most important thing to remember in the game is to think When it comes to creating your creations, the themes will change in the same way as the game progresses, so no matter what you write, enjoyment is guaranteed.


For all lovers of simple and pleasure classic games, there is also a different option to enjoy playing with our buddies, if you are one of them waiting to immerse yourself in the endless world of situations and platforms of your ideas and thoughts, join us. Now, you are ready to start gartic phone and have entertainment loudly with your colleagues and family.

I hope this blog is helpful to you and you had enjoyed it, Thank you for taking the time to read the article 🙂

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