Capture Stunning Moments: The Top 8 Android Camera Apps for DSLR-like Photography (2023)

Best Camera Apps for Android, DSLR Camera Apps

Sometimes it’s hard to get the best camera app for your phone because it seems like there are so many options out there. With the rise of smartphones, one of the most important features is a good camera. When you’re looking for a camera app, you want one that lets you take photos in different light conditions and many aspects and still make sure they will come out well.

When it comes to the art of photography, there is no shortage of options available. You have the big-budget, professional-grade cameras that cost a fortune but they’re also plentiful and there’s always a new app being released, so if you want or looking for a professional photographer app, but don’t have the money, there are almost free best android camera apps for your Samsung A20s, Moto G5s Plus, Moto G Power and many other smartphones which supports Android 11 and below versions that are listed below.

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

#1. Camera FV-5 (Paid) – Not Sponsored

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

Camera FV-5 is the only paid application on this list. It is one of the best professional camera apps that supports and runs on mobile phones, android-powered cameras and tablets. It brings high quality and more advanced DSLR camera controls. The only downside is that some phones seem to be misbehaving on this one so make sure you check it out properly during a refund in case your phone is one of them.

Key Highlights

  1. Left and Right Swap to Change Exposure.
  2. Controlled Exposure with different options such as AUTO, SHORT, LONG, LONG+.
  3. Exposure Bracketing Option Gives Multiple Photos varies from under exposed to Over Exposed on Single Click with supported Bracketing Settings.
  4. Zoom In and Zoom Out Using Moving the Shutter Button along with Shutter Speed Settings.
  5. Synthetic Exposure Types (Film, Light Trail).
  6. Most of all Rear Camera settings are supported for Front Camera.

The Google Play Store app rating is as of now 3.4 ⭐.

#2. Super 16 | Vintage 16mm, 8mm Film Cinema Camera

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

It is a functional video camera app that allows you to create videos with real-time processing as it does 16mm and 8mm vintage film cameras. This app provides a wide range of manual control functionality, which can be useful for photographers, video photographers and filmmakers. With Super 16, you can similarly take home space photos (in 16mm or 8mm film style), showcasing your best moments, and professional cinematic scenes, or just take photos with the old touch.

Key Highlights

  1. Vintage Type Look and Feel.
  2. More than 70+ Filters can be applied to both Photos and Videos with a dedicated Intensity Option.
  3. Physical Film Emulation.
  4. Specialist Shooting Options.
  5. Easy to Use.

The Google Play Store app rating is as of now 4.3 ⭐.

#3. ProCam X – Lite ( HD Camera Pro )

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

If you are one of those people who like more professional-focused features than social media filters and style elements then you definitely should try out this camera app. Specially designed for mobile photography as well as videography. You can record a video in higher resolution with many manual controls.

Key Highlights

  1. More Professional-Oriented features such as Manual ISO, Focus, Shutter Speed, Intervalometer and many more.
  2. Custom Video Bit Rate.
  3. Antishake and Geotagging.
  4. Control White Balance and Exposure.
  5. Burst Shooting mode Option.

The Google Play Store app rating is as of now 3.9 ⭐.

#4. Adobe Lightroom

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

Adobe Lightroom is still one of the most popular catalogue-style editing programs on the market, and why we include the editing app in this list is because it has a built-in camera app which brings the high-level photography option for good reason additionally, you can edit captured photos immediately. It provides a simple yet powerful workflow solution for both sharp photographers, allowing them to combine, import, edit, edit and export their images in one window.

Key Highlights

  1. Full HDR, RAW support, and several modes and presets also it has unique camera controls.
  2. Supports the Usual Array of Manual Camera Controls, too.
  3. Lightroom has a Built-in Camera and is also one of the best Photo Editing apps now.
  4. Abode Sensai AI helps you to Organize Multiple Photos based on Objects and People in One Frame.

Adobe Lightroom Google Play Store app rating is as of now 4.4 ⭐.

#5. Open Camera

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

It is a fully open-source camera app for android. It comes with a simple user interface and impressive ease of remote controls. Lots of features such as focus bracketing, noise reduction, on-screen histogram, zebra stripes, focus peaking and many more. There is a donation app you can choose from (and another) if you want to support the developer.

Key Highlights

  1. Capture a Photo by Making Sound or Say “Cheese”
  2. Manual Camera Controls Feature also this app contains a timer, assistance for some external microphones, HDR, Exposure Bracketing Option, and more.
  3. A good choice for both Photographers and Videographers.
  4. It’s completely free, and there are no Third Party ads in the app. And it is completely open-source.
  5. Auto-Repeat mode, Panorama Mode including for Front Camera and Supports Camera2 API.

Open Camera Google Play Store app rating is as of now 4.0 ⭐.

#6. HD Camera

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

If your phone is running on low storage or wants a camera app with less size then this will be pretty much a good choice to capture photos and selfies in HD. This lightweight app comes with a bunch of handy features with regular updates on the play store.

Key Highlights

  1. Improve Images Captured in Low-Light and Backlit Scenes on Stylish HDR.
  2. Real-time Filter that previews the effect before taking a photo or shooting a video.
  3. Quick Snap, Continuous Shooting, Auto-Stabilize.
  4. Support for Focus Modes, Color Effects, White Balance Option, ISO Feature, and exposure compensation/lock.

HD Camera Google Play Store app rating is as of now 4.2 ⭐.

#7. Candy Camera – Selfie

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

It is another best camera app which focuses on selfies with amazing filters, The filters make your skin beautiful. You’ll find all kinds of stickers to decorate the photos, as well as different frames and post-processing filters. Does not have an integrated social network. So, you can share your photos on Twitter or similar networks.

Key Highlights

  1. Filters are specially designed for Selfies. Swipe Left and Right to Switch between Filters.
  2. New Stickers are been added for Every Season, Occasion, and Trend!
  3. Take lots of Photos for College! -Supports many different Grids and Styles.
  4. In recent updates, HDR mode is added.

Candy Camera – selfie Google Play Store app rating is as of now 4.3 ⭐.

#8. Paper Camera

8 Best Android Camera Apps in 2022

Paper Camera has very cool features and a lot of flexibility. Results and adjustments are shown in real-time so it’s fun to explore the world with different lenses. The Andy Pop effect divides images into four panels into four different colours, and the Old Printer offers that retro look in black and white dots. The app uses both front and rear cameras and can capture photos from the gallery and install cloud apps. It is a fun way for kids to get creative with their photos.

Key Highlights

  1. The overall user interface of the app looks and feels like a cartoon theme.
  2. Real-time Filter that previews the effect before taking a photo.
  3. Many filters like comic book style, noir, neon, cartoonist and painting type effects are included in this app.
  4. Focuses on creation rather than art images processed behind other applications.

Paper Camera Softonic app store rating is as of now 3.4 ⭐.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best camera?

Camera FV-5 is the most customizable, fully manual control app such as DSLR.

Does listed camera apps will works other mobile devices?

Yes, all camera apps will work on other mobiles which support Android 11 and above versions.

Which is the best free camera open-source app?

Open Camera is one of the best open-source camera app for android.

Which is the best camera app for filters?

For the front camera, it is Candy Camera and for the rear one it is Super 16.

I hope this blog is helpful and you have enjoyed it, Thank you for taking the time to read the article 🙂.

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